#HelsinkiSecret Residence is a unique and personalised city experience for influencers, bloggers and new media journalists.


#HelsinkiSecret Residence

- in a nutshell -

Karlisworld exploring Helsinki with bikes.

Karlisworld exploring Helsinki with bikes.


We have been told for years that Helsinki is the best kept secret in the world. So we wanted to embrace that, and invite the best people in to find the secret of the city, and spread the love about Helsinki. Helsinki Secret Residence is home-like, unique and personal. A little different for everyone, just like Helsinki. Explore Helsinki and its many sides - with a more hands-on approach.




  1.  We invite influencers, opinion leaders, new media journalists and field gurus to explore and experience Helsinki within the #HelsinkiSecret Residence concept.
  2.  We hand-pick and personalize each residency with a unique set of experiences, but leave room for own adventures.
  3.  We help along the way but never step in the way.
  4.  We give the freedom of choice, and leave scheduling up to the residents, and let them 'Do their thing' in a way that feels the most comfortable for them.
  5.  We craft the residency to fit the preferences of each resident.
  6.  We give the opportunity for our partners and our residents to be involved in all steps of the way.
Helsinki Survival Kit

Helsinki Survival Kit

YoungAdventures in Residence

YoungAdventures in Residence


  1.  For social media influencers, bloggers, video makers & Youtubers, opinion leaders, photographers, new media journalists, experts, and guerrilla gurus
  2.  A 3-6 day residency
  3.  In a designer city apartment in the center of Helsinki
  4.  With a personalized Helsinki Survival Kit to use (or not use) during the stay
  5.  With a +1 of the resident's choosing
  6.  The HelEats -food bag
  7.  No schedule, no hidden agendas, no have-to-do's
  8.  A chance to get visibility in local medias
  9.  An opportunity to meet local influencers and / or like-minded locals in Helsinki
  10.  Help and practical guiding along the way
  11.  A chance to experience the Finnish capital in one's own way
  12.  An opportunity to get amazing and authentic content to one's channels